Une nouvelle mise-à-jour de Basecamp

Garmin propose une nouvelle mise-à-jour de son logiciel de planification de trajets BaseCamp (v4.2.3)
Il s'agit essentiellement de correctifs et d'ajouts de fonctionnalitées mineures, à la dernière version du logiciel.

Fixed imported files not creating lists in the proper place
Added ability to remove and delete user data when a list folder is selected
Added keyboard arrow key handlers to the geotagged photo properties dialog
Added support for joining tracks when the track point timestamps don't line up
Added support for a transparent color in Custom POI files
Added export of waypoints, routes, and tracks to KML
Added reading of fitness courses from Edge devices, these are converted to tracks
Improved quick search responsiveness, speed of searches, and usability
Improved Trip Planner UI display refresh and sizing behavior
Change so that "Install Maps" and "Check for device software updates" menu items are always visible and enabled
Change to recalculate the route if needed when the route properties dialog is hidden, not just when selection changes
Change so that list folders aren't required to have unique names in the same parent folder
Fixed issue with junction view information in routes not being calculated correctly, may not work on certain older devices
Fixed issue with track stats not updating after editing the track
Fixed various issues with Trip Planner
Fixed issue with reading some map files from newer PND devices
Fixed issue with some drag/drop operations
Fixed rounding of dimensions in truck and RV routing options
Fixed issue with displaying many error dialogs if a device is unplugged during a transfer
Fixed drag/drop of an Adventure from find results into Trip Planner
Fixed issue when creating a route from a Yelp find result that failed to geocode
Fixed issue with fitness data not being preserved when sharing data with Garmin cloud storage
Fixed issue with per route leg transportation mode not being round-tripped

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, Garmin offre de sauvegarder vos trajets et aventures, dans le nuage.

Ride safe!