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Nouvelle version de Basecamp est disponible: 4.4.2

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Merci Daniel

Voici ce qu'il y a de nouveau dans les dernières versions:

BaseCamp Versions

/ Source / Release
/ Release Notes

  EXE   10/01/2014  
  • Fixed issue when transferring data to a device after upgrading from BaseCamp 4.3
  • Fixed issue with route calculation not completing on newer Unicode maps (such as City Nav Europe)
  • Fixed issue with trip planner sometimes failing to create a trip on newer Unicode maps (such as City Nav Europe)

  EXE   09/26/2014  
  • Added notification that eligible devices can install maps on the desktop using Garmin Express
  • Added ability to create and manage areas to avoid while routing
  • Added properties (and shading) for public land survey types
  • Added progress bar in the data list for downloading BirdsEye
  • Added progress bar on the BirdsEye wizard for downloading BirdsEye
  • Added way to activate BirdsEye subscriptions within BaseCamp
  • Added ability to go back on the BirdsEye wizard dialog and select a new area (subscription only)
  • Added option to disable imagery display in the map views
  • Added ability to mark a geocache as unattempted
  • Added some additional waypoint symbols to be more consistent with newer nuvi and zumo devices
  • Added Duplicate List and Contents menu option
  • Added a column in the data list for waypoint category name
  • Added map context menu option to search for the most recently used search category
  • Improved response time when populating the list of Birdseye providers
  • Changed how nearest area results are displayed on the map when hovering
  • Changed to ask if the waypoint should be shared between routes when splitting a route
  • Changed to preserve the settings in the print page settings dialog
  • Changed the default behavior of the 'recalculate routes to match maps on device' option. This is now only enabled by default for zumo devices.
  • Fixed problem with marine heights being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issues when reading GPX files that contain invalid times
  • Fixed odd rendering on newer City Navigator maps
  • Fixed issues with inconsistent track stats
  • Fixed Select All in lists not selecting the last item
  • Fixed issues when attempting to transfer data to read-only cards or fitness devices that don't accept BaseCamp generated data

  EXE   07/30/2014  
  • Fixed issue with looking up user manuals for devices
  • Fixed issue with viewing the elevation graph for tracks
  • Fixed issue with renaming a track while track points were selected
  • Fixed issue with importing a GPX file that contained a route that uses several transportation modes
  • Fixed various issues after erasing custom activity profiles
  • Fixed sending Garmin Adventures to devices
  • Fixed various issues when a device is unplugged while BaseCamp is using it

  EXE   07/01/2014  
  • Fixed issue when trying to install over an older version

  EXE   06/06/2014  
  • Fixed issue when importing a file and errors or warnings are encountered in the file
  • Fixed issue with adding or editing an activity profile
  • Fixed issue with changing the cover photo of an Adventure
  • Fixed issue when joining tracks

  EXE   06/03/2014  
  • Fixes for several startup issues
  • Fixed error after ejecting a device
  • Fixed the Device Transfer Options page not being enabled

  EXE   05/19/2014  
  • Added waypoint categories to the waypoint and bulk waypoint property dialogs
  • Added the Task Based Startup Menu allowing users to choose what they want to do giving more help into what BaseCamp can do
  • Added an Address search UI that operates more like MapSource
  • Added Find Intersection to the Find menu
  • Added richer context menus in most tools on the map
  • Added feature to calculate a route that tries to match the shape of a track
  • Added feature to optimize routes within trip planner
  • Added a way to make it easier to find recently downloaded BirdsEye imagery
  • Added a way to filter Adventures by activity when using Find
  • Added indication of Adventure selected on the map
  • Added display of [[#|route]] stats while editing the route on the map
  • Added display of track stats while editing the track on the map
  • Added a device information dialog
  • Added support for curvy road route calculation
  • Added 'snap to' indicator on the map when drawing new points in a route
  • Added ability to exclude track portions in the track join dialog
  • Added an 'Off Road' profile and clarified the difference between Off Road and ATV
  • Added a prompt to preserve the original tracks when joining tracks
  • Added a hotkey to open and close the overview map
  • Added elevation statistics to the route dialog
  • Added statistics display to the bulk route properties dialog
  • Added ability to remove shaping points from routes in the data list
  • Added display of rubber band when moving a waypoint on the map
  • Added display of state and country city search results
  • Added ability to create lists in the 'Send To' dialog
  • Added an 'uncheck all' option when managing Custom POIs
  • Added support for Lat/Lon coordiantes that are missing cardinal direction indicators
  • Added a comment column for tracks in the data list
  • Added more descriptive messages if export errors are encountered
  • Added FIT file support to the Import dialog
  • Improved performance when device [[#|maps]] are discovered for the first time
  • Improved address search on device or card [[#|maps]]
  • Improved balloons on the map
  • Improved drawing performance of large tracks and routes
  • Improved performance of filtering a track
  • Improved waypoint search performance
  • Improved discoverability of Adventure Edit, Publish, and View Online actions
  • Improved display of individual track portions in the track join dialog
  • Improved device communications performance when transferring photos
  • Improved notification that a subscription is needed for a selected BirdsEye product
  • Improved recovery from corrupted cache [[#|information]] from device maps
  • Simplified default toolbar layout to exclude some editing tools
  • Changed the map product selection combobox to be hidden in the default layout
  • Fixed issue with encrypted Custom POI search (for RV and dezl devices)
  • Fixed issues with routes that have multiple transportation modes
  • Fixed device calculated ascent and descent values not being displayed
  • Fixed Trip Planner crash when adding food stops to trips
  • Fixed Basestation not updating most recent update time for contacts
  • Fixed issue with reading photo waypoints that had missing photos
  • Fixed map points remaining on the map after turning off all points
  • Fixed Adventure playback not taking track speed into consideration
  • Fixed a possible error when creating backup files
  • Fixed issue with inverted routes maintaining previous departure times
  • Fixed various language translations
  • Removed printing restriction for card and device based map products.

Ride Safe!

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Nouvelle version : 4.4.4

BaseCamp software version 4.4.4

as of November 20, 2014


Changes made from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.4:

  • Fixed several issues when using the Pan Tool and the <ALT> key to move route points
  • Fixed autorouting issue where straight line segments were inserted after each waypoint
  • Improved track to route behavior. Now supports preserving the shape of track sections that aren't near a road.
  • Improved handling in situations where the computer is low on memory
  • Changed displayed route times to take layovers into account
  • Fixed issue with 'higher education' map symbols showing up as airports
  • Fixed certain instances of route direction text where the text was 'turn left/right' instead of 'bear left/right'
  • Fixed issue when recalculating a route via the context menu in the data list
  • Fixed various issues sending data to memory cards
  • Changed to automatically unlock BirdsEye for a device when sending the BirdsEye to a card in that device
  • Fixed various issues with Adventure search
  • Fixed issue sending ADM files to cards for marine devices
  • Added the command line option /Disable3D to disable the 3D view in BaseCamp. This was added to prevent startup issues with misbehaving graphics drivers.

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