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Yamaha FZ1 '2001 incl. bcp de nouvelles pièces et $900 maintenance + extras


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je vend ma Yamaha FZ1 '2001
$900 maintenance qui est fait 2 mois avant + extras
le prix est $3600 ...négociable.
Ça fait 5 ans que j'ai cette moto magnifique. ...Zero problems. Il n'y a pas de mauvaises raisons que je le met à vendre.
Mais pour moi c'est le temps d'avoir qqchose plus puissante et modern. Je pense de BMW s1000r '2017 ...
******* Aucun lien avec référence sur un site de vente non permis (note du modérateur).
- excuse-moi pour anglais, mais ma grammaire française laisse qqchose à desirer.

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OK, pas de problem. Je peux pas éditer le... Alors je vais ajouter/transfère mon info de Kijiji ici.
Odo 73400 km
Maintenance done 2 months ago $913 - garage bills to show:
- fresh coolant
- brake system full service, new brake fluid front and rear
- new rear brake pad kit - Yamaha brand pads
- new front tire Michelin Pilot Road 4 - excellent grip, a lot of rubber
- new drive chain DID 530VX-120L Pro X-RING Gold

Last year: front fork both shock cartridges fully serviced - full disassembly, cleaning, washing, then re-assembly and refill fresh fork oil Agip 5w - new oil seals x2 - new dust seals x2 - new inner sliders The front suspension works like new.

Last Dyno test 2yrs ago has shown 141hp - it delivers like brand new bike, very good result - the test report documents included

Fuel efficient: 320km on a tank in highway cruising

Rear tire rubber about 50% left
Front brake pads are 60% left - high quality ones
All the brake rotors and sprockets are still good - verified during last garage service.
Battery is still strong and good for another 2-3 yrs.

Some aftermarket useful extras have been installed (everything is legal):
- installed/added running LED lights which improves battery charge by consuming x10 times less electric power thus extends battery and generator life too. Original halogen bulbs are there too and you can easily turn them on when needed.
- installed brake strobing red light LED bar and micro modulator controller (20 strobe patterns to choose from) - improves rider safety by making your bike more visible when you're braking. See the red bar above the number plate.
- installed a weatherproof USB connector/charger to charge smartphones, cameras, etc while riding.

Everything else is stock and non-modified. It has a center stand as well - see last picture.

Finally, this is one of most reliable bikes ever made - google "200,000 Mile FZ1 – fz1grl"

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